Sunday, June 3, 2012

bedtime woes

I know it is almost the time.
I can tell by the dark window, through which I can no longer see anything, by their movements, their wrist-ward looks and conspirational glances towards one another in this dimly lit room.
We try to ignore them, not fully convinced that they remain when we face the wood panelled wall and can't see them.
We make dreams with our fresh words- that hold little attachment.
We travel on safaris through the brown shag carpet, make castles from the flower patterened couch and chair. . .who's walls we decorate with our own design- hyroglyphics in all the colours of the rainbow - lines yet unlearned.
Our minds drown out the drone of the TV that no longer speaks our language- as the window darkens, and the lights come on.
Even the flashy televised colours are dismissed for a 3 dimensional wonderland of newly granted life.
But we are not invisible, despite turned backs and disinterest.
With a seeming lack of compassion, they carry us off to bed.

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