Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Making Popcorn with NGVP Kano!

"Is it bad to make a post about people I don't know?"
"It depends. Is it a good post or a bad post?"

Although I'm not sure that's all it depends on, I'm hoping that the wonderful volunteers of the Nigerian Graduate Volunteer Program in Kano don't mind.

Two weeks ago I organized a teacher and project management training for my partners in Kano. Due to ongoing security challenges, I have been unable to travel there since arriving in Nigeria so my partners came to Abuja instead. Usually, the trainings are delivered quarterly during the course of the NGVP program to the participating volunteers. In Kano, there are 30 volunteers but I have not been able to meet them (except briefly on skype!). For all 30 volunteers to travel to Abuja, stay for 3 nights, attend training and travel back to Kano, it would cost over 1 million Naira which is too much for VSO (partners with Cuso International) and our partners to agree to spend.

The alternative for now at least, has been to train the partners/desk officers of the program in Kano so that they can cascade the training to volunteers. I'm still waiting to hear results from the cascading that happened last week, but I'm expecting good things!
Popcorn making materials

As well as trying to improve the quality of education through teacher trainings, volunteers are also given an opportunity to apply for small project grants through VSO.

When my partners came to Abuja to be trained, they shared some pictures of the Kano volunteers that applied for a grant to do a popcorn making workshop in Kano. VSO encourages volunteers in the NGVP to use small project grants to help develop skills and generate income in their communities. The materials to make popcorn are low cost and easy to acquire and people, especially women, can use it as an income generator pretty much anywhere.

Instructing students
Heating the kernals
So a group of the Kano NGVP volunteers organized a workshop at an all girls school and trained them in how to make popcorn! With yummy looking results!
My partners and students enjoying popcorn!
Hopefully I'll have more pictures to share after the next training! My partners in Kano have informed me about a big event that they're organizing in the city to raise awareness about NGVP activities in Kano this week!


amsiqfree said...

Hmm thanks God and thanks to KSSSSB,VSO Ng for their wander full effort to the Nig. Volunteers

NGVP Nigeria said...

Great work Shine Stars and NGVP Kano!