Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tom Thomson

Solitary man, solitary tree
Distinguished only by the eye
perceiving beauty
cause within effect and the opposite
he tips his hat to the unknown with his brush
and paints the colours
only loneliness can understand
in all their splendor.
Life frozen forever and framed on white washed walls
windows to a dream of plush nature
true artist unmarked by bondage to memberships
and groups
inspiring them to form around him
thinking they could understand and compliment
but they missed the mark
famous in their own right
but never as great
as the one who stands alone
Algonquin Park, Canada

With all the cobwebs swept away.
With all the cupboards opened and cleared
Not a spot left.
Eyes opened to a brand new world
devoid of definition.

Who will follow solitary?
Only the Jack Pine standing a top the cliff,
over looking a great valley.

Someday they will understand.

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