Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I can't ask you to love me
I don't need you to want me
Through the door
of smoke time and rolled cigarette butts
lazy serenades,
drunk on river boat rapture
barefoot--hot coals of asphalt
pillow confessions of upside down lives
two hearts opened wide by rotation.

I miss your cheek sometimes
a resting place for open palms
fingertips stroke down
aged leather,
sallow from too much truth
and time
melancholy lips
rim an open vessel.

Pour your sadness into me
I still know the alchemy
of fermentation
sour grapes turned bitter sweet
intoxicate us.
I miss you sometimes.

Memories of
candle light
embrace of the waves
the sand
That smile,
when you forgave life
for reducing your soul to a man
for a while.

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