Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the road again. . .or rather, in the air again

I'm leaving Delhi today!!!  It's been about 5 months since I started living here but my visa is expiring soon so it's time to leave.  Typically. . .even leaving India won't be typical.  First I'm taking a 16 hour train out of Delhi (that hopefully won't be delayed or cancelled due to fog). . .but so far there's no scheduled delay.  Then I'm flying to Canada? Sri Lanka? Nepal? Thailand? England? nope.  Dubai.  From THERE i'm again flying to. . .??  If you guess correctly and I haven't already told you I'll send you a postcard!! hehe :)
It's been interesting living in Delhi. . .I've seen and learned a lot of things.  I've met some really great people in really unexpected places and overall have had a really great time.  There certainly have been a few difficult times. . .like when my eye swelled up and I looked like a sasquatch for few days and dealing with harassment for being a foreign female. . .but nothing too serious.
Although I don't much like the city, I will probably miss Delhi in some ways.  As frustrating as it is to get things done in an even remotely timely manner, I like the chaos.  I like the reality.  Everything; the very poor and the ridiculously rich, Muslims, Hindus and Christians, beautiful buildings and garbage everywhere, greenery, parks and raw sewage all side by side somehow living together.  There is certainly a structure to what's going on.  There are multiple hierarchies and factors conglomerating to produce the present. . .but just taking a step outside of it all and watching it happen is really something.  I'm always amazed at how everything seems to work out, maybe not efficiently or without hiccups, but it eventually gets done/we arrive safely etc.  Just watching from the outside and coming from a very different set of circumstances, you're confused at first about how it would be possible.  Then slowly you stop wondering and just accept that everything will work out fine. . .and usually it does.
But that's it for now.  On to another adventure in another country in another continent (hint!). . .

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